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What is Domain-Driven Design?

Over the last decade or two, the philosophy of Domain-Driven Design, or DDD for short, has developed as an undercurrent in the object community. The premise of DDD is two-fold:

  • For most software projects, the primary focus should be on the domain and domain logic
  • Complex domain designs should be based on a model.
Domain-driven design is not a technology or a methodology. It is a way of thinking and a set of priorities, aimed at accelerating software projects that have to deal with complicated domains.

To accomplish that goal, teams need an extensive set of design practices, techniques and principles. Refining and applying these techniques will be the subject of discussion for this site, generally starting from the language of patterns laid out in Domain-Driven Design, by Eric Evans.

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Are you suffering from database problems?

Fear not, you’re not alone. A lot of companies are suffering from overburdened database servers. This causes frustration and will ultimately cause you loss of money because you cannot service customers and orders fast enough.

What’s the cause?

When you experience database performance problems, you will typically look at problem areas such as:

  • Poor use of indexes
  • Poor database configuration
  • Scalability problems due to access patterns
  • Naïve use of database triggers
  • Database deadlocks due to transaction boundaries that overlap

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The slides from our AANUG talk on “Agile, Architecture, DDD and CQRS” is available here

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The slides from my recent AANUG conference talk is now available on Slideshare:

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Most companies today use SOA to integrate their systems or mobile applications, or do they?
Join me on a historical trip where we will see how integration has remained stuck in the same patterns and we will also take a look at the emperors new clothes (or SOA as it’s practiced today).
After this we will look at how to do SOA better and the principles that will make this transition possible (keywords: Event Driven Architecture, Domain Driven Design, Composite UI’s and CQRS)

You can find the slides and video here.
Slideshare version of the slides is available here

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