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In the first tutorial, we looked at how to develop the TrimmWS Profile containing the Web Service modeling elements for use by the TigerTeam Trimm Model Generator and how to save it as a Profile that can be imported into EA. In the second tutorial we looked into how to make the Profile and its content more usable by combining it with a Toolbox and a Diagram into an MDG.

This tutorial describes how to add our own Datatypes to the TigerTeam TrimmWS MDG and how to automatically make them available to our modeling elements.
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Saying that you’re a .NET shop, a Java shop or some other programming platform shop is just as ridiculous as if a software tester is saying that he is just a BDD man. Hopefully he is much more than that and has a more balanced approach to software testing, so he can select that test approach that makes the most sense for the problem at hand. Wouldn’t you be worried if you went to your car repair shop and were told that they’re only a piston shop?
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