The Team

A strong team

When you work with us the you’re working with a strong team that through combined strengths helps to ensure that your software development projects becomes a success. We can also help you turn previously not-so-successful attempts into something that has the quality needed to provide your business with what it needs, when it needs it.

We will always give you our honest opinion on what works, what doesn’t work, what could be done better, what can be mended and what you need to throw out and re-do.

These are just some of our skills. We are also often used by our clients for training, mentoring, assessments and workshop facilitation.

We would love to tell you more about how we can help you.

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Who we are and what we do

Henrik Wivel

An expert when it comes to Iterative Development, Lean and Agile. Not just from a text-book view, but on how to actually make it work. Model Driven Development, Technical Project Management and Workshop facilitator are also skills that Henrik masters.

+45 2020 2772

Jeppe Cramon

Our expert when it comes to Large Scale System Integration, SOA, Enterprise Architecture and how to turbo-charge your development through a lean architecture and Model Driven Development. If you want help to simplify your system landscape, integration architecture and choice of tools, Jeppe is the one to call.

+45 2620 2565

Lasse Cramon

Our expert when it comes to back-end integration on large scale enterprise systems. He can help you in choosing the right integration patterns and also help you simplify what you already have.

+45 6061 7665