Here is a list of some of the clients we have helped in the past


TigerTeam has worked as sub-contractors, through 7N, for some of the largest financial institutions in Denmark. 7N has also used us for facilitating workshops and for education, e.g. “Requirement Management using Use Cases”, “Object Oriented Analysis and Design”, “Unified Process”, “Object Orientation for Project Managers”, “WebSphere Portal Development” and “Business Modeling”.


Porting a Java based Portlet framework to a new version of WebsPhere Portal Server. Preparation of design documentation, training material and training new developers.

Adviced BankData when choosing a new Java based web platform including design and frameworks.


TigerTeam worked on BEC’s new Java based system for smaller retirement funds, GALOP. We were responsible for implementing a light-weight Unified Process adaption and mentoring the project managers in iterative development. We facilitated requirement workshops and helped gather requirements based on Use Cases and Business Process flows.

We were responsible for designing and building the core system architecture in co-operation with Schantz Data A/S. The development of the entire Life Insurance domain model was done using a Model Driven approach. This mean that a large part of the system development would be automated.


We were responsible for implementing a SOA foundation for their Java development department.


TigerTeam functioned as mentor and responsible for implementing a light-weight adaption of Unified Process, Metode2.

We were also responsible for the Architecture and Design of the “Mine Lån” Java based portal. It was the first commercial project in Denmark to use the Spring Framework. Also “Mine Lån” was the first portal in Denmark that allowed customers to manage their real estate mortgages by themselves over the Internet.


TigerTeam was hired to help get the Elektronisk Tinglysning (ETL), Electronic Deed Management in English, project organization back on track after a large amount of core employees had left the project.

We were responsible for implementing a SCRUM based methodology and to get the development process and requirement management streamlined. We also served as technical project managers for the Portal project.

On the technical side, we were responsible for simplifying the technical setup, the backend architecture, information modeling in a way that served as a basis for a Model Driven approach to generating and maintaining large parts the back-end code (Hibernate/JPA java code and Integration tests). The ETL project won CSC’s internal award for most innovative use of technology 2 years in a row, mainly for using TigerTeams Model Driven Development approach and toolset (see TRIMM)

DIT (Dansk IT)

Responsible for facilitating the Java competence Network within Danish IT (DIT).

DSB Informatik

TigerTeam was part of DSB Informatik’s modernization proces which involved defining a SOA Reference Architecture, advisory for Development Best Practices (Versioning, Continuous Integration, Test approach, etc.), Business Analysis, Business Process Modeling, Domain Analysis and Data modeling.

We were also responsible for the architecture and development of a new Customer Masterdata Management system, integrating several Customer data bearing systems. Large parts of the system was modeled in UML and used TigerTeams TRIMM to generate Java code and WebService contracts.

On top of that, TigerTeam has performed an Architecture audit for a new Ticket system, and held several workshops and lectures covering subjects such as Object Oriented Design, the Spring Framework, the Java Web Framework and Model Driven Development.

EFG Financial Procucts, Switzerland

TigerTeam performed a 5-day audit on EFG-FPs new SOA/MDM (Master Data Management) architecture blue print.

Provided guidance with regards to implementation, scalability, synchronization, reconciliation issues (split brain), Event Driven Architecture, etc.


Helped maturing and developing End2Ends Java based Mobile Content platform.


TigerTeam developed an application for analyzing personal profiles. Developed on a Microsoft platform.


We are currently assisting Linak in specifying and designing a web based tool for visual user driven configuration of actuator/controlbox firmware generation.


TigerTeam was involved in the modeling of the SOA Data and processing layers and helped introduce a Model Driven approach. We also helped define the base architecture for the insurance rule engine.

Länsförsäkringar, Sweden

Responsible for rebuilding the company’s department responsible for defining the Application Architecture and implementing a framework based on it. The department went from 3 to 25 people that serviced and helped implement it in the 5 different divisions across Sweden. In the process we consolidated the existing architecture and defined their future application platform and helped assure that the transition took place without any issues.


Defined a loosely coupled, event driven solution and integration architecture to integrate between SAP and a proprietary solution developed in Oracle Forms. All services was defined and documented using UML and generated to the integration platform using TigerTeams TRIMM generator, Oracle Service Bus (OSB).


Responsible for developing a GWT based portal framework and for defining the SOA integration interfaces using TigerTeams TRIMM generator.


Solution architect and responsible for the meta-models for iHub. iHub is a self-contained model based system for internal use in Saxo Bank. All models were initially implemented in UML and was then later moved into iHub itself.


Defined and helped implement a SCRUM based development process for use both internally and for use when working with ScanJours nearshore teams in Ukraine.

Schantz Data

TigerTeam was hired to assist in scaling the architecture on a new product platform. This involved introducing a CQRS inspired layer on top of the core domain. The CQRS layer was modeled using UML and used code generation to generate all the target components. We also introduced a BDD-style testing feature for the CQRS layer.

Siemens Medical, Germany

For Siemens Medical we functioned as Technical Project Manager and was responsible for designing and developing an internet based B2B portal for medical professionals, covering all the services and products supplied by the 10 division within Siemens Medical. The portal was developed in less than 4 months in a super agile project.

Six Telekurs, Switzerland

SIX Telekurs hired TigerTeam as advisors to help the company define and implement a Model Driven platform that would both help to abstract from the underlying technical platform and to implement languages for both data and rules that better matched the Business domain.


TigerTeam ran a series of DDD Workshops for Spectra Systems to introduce the concepts of DDD and gave guidance on how to migrate an existing system without having to rewrite everything.


Performed a Architectural workshop for Sproom.


TigerTeam ran a CQRS/DDD workshop for TrustPilot with focus on scalability.


For Tradeshift, we participated in expanding and maturing their Java based SEDA architecture. Main focus was on scalability and on monitoring.

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