Slides for our CQRS Why, What, How talk are up

Slides for our CQRS Why, What, How talk are up

This talk covers WHY we might want to look at CQRS, by first looking at the kinds of problems we see with the current architectural approaches. We will look at WHAT CQRS is, how it works well with DDD, look at staleness of data in collaborative domains and how we can use this to our advantage. We will look at the building blocks for CQRS, how to test it and how to build a bigger solution the involves communication between different parts of the solution/bounded contexts.

We will look at how we can use CQRS to scale the solution (by looking at the CAP theorem and the BASE properties of distributed computing). Finally we will look at how we can approach legacy system migration by looking at 4 different alternatives to rewriting them from scratch. Key words are for this is published language, Anti Corruption layer and an Event Driven Architecture (which might utilize CQRS internally).

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