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Bad Database Performance?

Database servers so overburdened that you cannot service customers and orders fast enough?

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Future looks Cloudy?

Need to know the basics of Cloud computing in less than 5 minutes?

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Need better performing SOA?

Is your SOA implementation more of a bottleneck than a business enabler?
Can Microservices help and if so how can they be used?

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Agile the inefficient way?

Missing the promised quality and timely functionality from your Agile projects?

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Who’s the Master of your Data?

Need to make sense of your data, information and how to integrate it?

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Complicated Technical setup?

Are you spending more time battling technical issues than providing business value?

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Jacob Asmund Klærke Mikkelsen, IT-Consultant Cybercom
My company hired Jeppe Cramon to give a presentation on CQRS. As all the other times I have worked with Jeppe he never fails to deliver and held a great talk. He managed to convey on the key principles behind CQRS in a way that was meaningful to both experienced and inexperienced CQRS advocates. Blending his personal experiences and beliefs with some of the key things that have been blogged and talked about by people like Udi Dahan and Greg Young gave the presentation a personal touch that was very inspiring.
Thomas Stober, IT Architect, Atos AG
We have investigated a lot of tools to generate JPA entities from our quite complex Enterprise Architect model. In the end TRIMM JPA was the run-away winner because of all the features it provides out-of-the-box and especially its awesome options for customization!

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